If you’re one of the many adults with ADHD or ADD and you want more for yourself, you’re in the right place.

You’ve probably got ticks in all the right boxes. You’re smart and you know what you should be doing, but somehow you just can’t do it.  Why does everything feel like such a challenge?

Adults with ADHD

You’re trying so hard, but procrastination makes it hard to get started on the things you need to do.  Planning challenges can mean you’re not as productive as you really want to be and distractions always seem to stop you from focusing.

Add to that the organizational challenges that make it difficult to keep track of details and getting things started, never mind finished.

If you have the time management challenges many people with ADHD have that can make it difficult to get pretty much anywhere on time.  As your friends, family members and maybe even your manager may have remarked.  Possibly on more than one occasion!

And it’s probably not just your home life that’s affected.  All of us adults with ADHD have experienced how it can impact us at work. Whether it’s getting a new job, doing an important project or presentation or launching a new initiative for your own business, ADHD can be a help or a hindrance in the workplace depending on how it’s managed.  

You can flourish with ADHD, and I can help

A bit about me

My name’s Gillian and I’m an ADHD coach who helps adults with ADHD and ADD just like you flourish by working with your ADHD to make things happen and achieve your goals, whether at home or in your career.

I work with busy professionals and entrepreneurs who think their ADHD is holding them back from fulfilling their potential and want to finally get things completed, get organized and make all those great ideas happen.

My background is in the fast-moving corporate and start-up world and, like many of us with ADHD, I’ve also several entrepreneurial ventures under my belt. 

I love travel and adventure and have lived and worked in Ireland, the UK, the US, Italy and Germany.  Before training as an ADHD coaching I previously trained as a career and business coach and have worked with clients throughout Europe as well as in the US, Australia and New Zealand.

You can find out more about me and my ADHD journey on my About Page or Follow @FlourishADHD on Twitter.

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